Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Magical World of Blogs!

One day while roaming around the Internet I discovered the magical world of blogs. People from all over the world can read what you have to say! What could be better than getting my opinions and thoughts out to the rest of the world. But then I saw this demotivational poster... So since hardly anyone will ever read this in the first place (and if you happen to be the one person so stumbles across this blog, you will probably notice too many grammatical error and never want to read this again (or you could happen to actually like my writing and if this is the case, then I like you too!)). However, despite the odds that anyone will ever read this, I came up with the name you see above. Therefore I had to do it! Once something has a name there is no turning back, it will forever be on your mind. This is how this blog came to be. So if you happen to be the one person who reads this, I would love to know! So please comment, and then maybe I will write something else!