Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Magical World of Life Changes

Okay, so lets try this blogging thing again... Maybe this time I will actually tell people about it so you know, maybe someone will *gasp* actually read it!?!

Anyways, since I last wrote, 9 months ago, my life is pretty much completely different. Lets list my biggest changes right here...
  • I Graduated from High School!!! WooHoo!(Hahaha...on Spellcheck it says that WooHoo should be Ohio...just thought I'd share.)
  • I moved out! (Yep, growing up here!)
  • Started College...(Utah State! Hey! Aggies All the Way!)
  • Sent my best friend on his mission! (23 months to go!)
  • Applied for the SPED Major! And got accepted (only half the people who apply typically get accepted, so as a Freshman this is a HUGE accomplishment in my book).
  • And last but not least....(drum roll please).....
  • I have decided that I myself with be serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! (Not only have I decided this, but I have also already turned my papers in!)
So yeah, a few changes have happened, but the last one is the one I am really excited about. I turned my papers in just over a week ago, so my mission call should be coming next Wednesday!! (Anyone thinking about or planning on turning their papers in, this waiting is so much worse than I ever imagined, and I have a pretty good imagination, just heads up!) So for my dear friends who do not know what a mission entails I will tell you right here. First of, as a girl I will be serving for 18 months. That means once I get my call to go anywhere in the world, speaking any language they ask me too, I will put the rest of my life on hold and give everything I have to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sounds weird?! Yeah, maybe I and 50,000+ other early adults are strange for giving up so much (such as their spot in the SPED Major...), but you know what I could not be more happy or excited about it! might be a possibility that I will be posting more on this, especially after the semester is over, and I will be sure to post all about my Mission Call!!! Thanks for reading about my "Not-So-Magical" Life!