Friday, November 9, 2012

Magical World of Mission Calls!!

Wednesday November 7, 2012 can officially go down as a day that changed my life! It was the day I received my MISSION CALL!!!!!!!!!!!

I got back home around noon and checked the mail just because I was so anxious and sure enough there was this big white envelope! I read the return address "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints". I read who it was addressed to..."Sister Mallory Dawn Latimer"...and suddenly I could no longer breathe!
After 5 hours of waiting!! Everyone who was coming was finally there and I could open the call! My hands were shaking so bad! I had trouble getting the envelope open. Then I was trying to read the letter one line at a time, but my hands slipped and I saw it. Center of the page. The place I would be spending 18 months of my life! And let me tell you, it was NOT what I expected in the slightest. In fact it wasn't where really anyone guesses. (Here is a picture of all the guesses I received).
Anyways....I opened my call!! And here is the video....
Yep, that's right I am going to the Philippines Baguio Mission (pronounced Bag-E-O). And leave on February 13, 2013. And I will be speaking Tagalog (not Tag-a-log like I said, I know what they speak in the Philippines I was just a little overwhelmed. it is pronounced more like Ta-gal-og). Pretty intense! At first I was questioning if it was the right letter, because I am not adventurous at all! And this looks like it will be a pretty crazy mission. But the more I have had time to think about it I am so excited! I know that this is where I am supposed to go. And I know that the Lord will help me (which is good because I am going to need it a lot!!). And the best part? I already have a love of the people and the FOOD! Thanks to my awesome Filipino friends Leah and Russell!
Anyways...Paalam!! (Goodbye in Tagalog)


Friday, November 2, 2012

Magical World of Running

Yes, you read that right RUNNING!
Let's get a few things straight.
#1 I HATE running with a burning passion!
#2 My beautiful, sometimes annoying, roommate happens to enjoy it and is very persistent that I go with her.
#3 I could stand to get into better shape, especially before my mission.

Because of these facts I am now officially training for a 5K. Yep, maybe writing posting this for the world to see will make me more accountable and force me to actually stick with it.
Thanks to the fantastic world known as Pinterest I found a fantastic work out called "Couch to 5K" basically it is a running program that starts off mostly walking with a little bit of jogging until 10 weeks later you are running for 30 minutes. Well now on week 2, I have already feeling great improvements! But we will see how well we stick with the program when we are running in the snow!
Now this picture is more of what I look like when running...But I happen to love the quote that says "No matter how slow you go, at least you are lapping everyone on the couch."
Anyways...Thanks for reading, and Comments are always appreciated! :)