Monday, December 31, 2012

Magical World of 2012

Well, here it is. Last day of 2012. And WOW! This was a big year. I keep a daily journal and my favorite thing to do the last week of the year is to read all that has happened in the last year. On this day last year I wrote about how it was sure to be one of the biggest years of my life. After all I would be graduating from High School, going to college, and turning 18. But it was the things I didn't see coming that have made this year so great.
 I grew closer to some amazing people. I met my best friend, who even though we can't call or see each other in person his letters always come at exactly the right time (like today). Even from California, and soon Mexico, he can brighten my day and make me smile, even when it seems like the hardest thing to do.
I also got to be roommates with someone who is more than a best friend, she is my sister in every way except for the fact that we aren't actually related. College would not have been nearly as great without her by my side. My partner in crime!!
And probably the most unexpected thing, my mission. Over the summer I remember one conversation I had with a friend where I told him how much I wished I could just go on a mission at 19. Waiting until I was 21 seemed so unfair and the timing was just not going to work. I wanted to go to the temple, and it was bad how jealous I became because he got to go simply because he was a boy and I wasn't. Then probably a month later, the Lord told me he was listening. He reminded me of what I had said, so of course I couldn't back out.

2012 is one year that I will ALWAYS remember. It's a year that I am sad to see go. But it's also a good thing. 2013 will be a year of growth. Probably the most I have ever experienced. I will be completely relying on the Lord because there is no way I will be able to accomplish the task in front of me alone. It's an ending to who I was, and a new start for who I am going to become. These next six weeks will go by quickly as I prepare for the greatest adventure of my life. And I am ready for it!! Here's to 2013!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Magical World of Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!! :) These past few weeks have flown by while getting ready for Christmas, celebrating the end of the world, and avoiding unpacking/repacking. With all the craziness Christmas day seemed to sneak up on me. But even with everything going on this year was very special. Next Christmas I will be in the Philippines, without my family, friends, and traditions. So all of the little things seemed to mean that much more. I could not wait to see my family open their presents, especially the special project for my parents that I have been working on (And it totally made my mom cry, which was great, not that she was crying, but that she liked it that much).

So though this is a short entry. I just wanted to express my thanks and love for all of the people in my life. I have seen God's hand in my life in so many ways (some of which are hilarious...Latimer Avenue...). Anyways...Merry Christmas!! :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Magical World of Finals Week

People always talk about finals week like it is something that is supposed to be feared. This was not the case for me. Maybe it will be when I am taking harder classes. But this has been one of the best weeks of my entire life. I have laughed, cried, studied, and spent time with some of my favorite people!

This week would not have been nearly as fun if I didn't have such amazing people in my life. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to become friends with such incredible people wherever I go. When I started High School I never thought I would be able to make friends, and yet I was blessed with a fantastic group of people who helped me grow through that incredibly awkward point in my life. Then starting college I felt like I had all the friends I needed, sure most of them weren't at USU with me, but I could still chat on Facebook, call them, or write letters. I was just going to focus on school and not worry too much about having a social life.

I don't believe in coincidences, which means I don't believe it was by chance that I chose to live in Davis Hall. Something about it seemed right. And because of that choice I don't only was able to be in the best singles ward, but I was able to live right upstairs/across the hall from some awesome people. Zack, B.J., Alaric, Kate, Jamie, Congrats you have all not only made the quotebook, but also the blog! To each of you I cannot wait for our reunion in 2 1/2 years! Thank you for the movie parties, cookie dough, Curses (though I did not like having my hands on my head for over an hour!), bowling, riding shotgun (ROSA PARKS!), Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Star Wars Conversations, "Cleaning the Sink", Facebook Hacking, Dinners at the Marketplace, and anything else I forgot. Your friendship has been greatly appreciated. Seriously, thank you for making it so hard for me to leave. And we WILL have that reunion, maybe we'll all get to be in the same ward again?!?

I have grown so much in the past four months, and I will be forever grateful for USU, my teachers, my roommates, my ward, and my friends, and my Heavenly Father for making them ones I'll remember for the rest of my life! Thank you!!!

All my Love,

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Magical World of Temples and Patriarchal Blessings and the Church and Life in General

Life has been so different in past week. Last Saturday (December 1st) I was able to go through the temple to take out my own endowments. And let me tell you, my life will be forever changed. In my Patriarchal Blessing it specifically talked about my experience and certain things I would learn and gain from it, and it is truly amazing to see those blessings come to pass. Though life is still crazy, I feel like have a better perspective about life and more confidence in who I am. I have never been a very confident person, so finally having faith in myself that I will be able to accomplish the tasks the Lord has placed before me has been the greatest blessing in my life. Not to mention the AMAZING experience it was to have my family there supporting me. It solidified my conviction to get married in the temple. I will not let ANYTHING get in the way of having a forever family. And I am excited for the day when I will get to stand in the Celestial Room with my husband, whoever he may be.

Oh, and I finally chose the scripture for my Missionary Plaque it is Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
This scripture has played a huge part in my decision to go on a mission, and really in so many other aspects of my life. I trusted in the Lord when he told me to go to Lehi High School instead of Westlake with my other friends, and it scares me to think of the friendships and experiences I would have missed out on if I hadn't listened to His council. Because of this I have decided to always follow his plan, because he truly does know best. So when I was praying to try and figure out what I needed to do with my life back on October 5th, hoping that I would receive an answer during General Conference. When President Monson announced the mission age change I sat and cried at my brothers soccer game for the next two hours because once again he was answering my prayers and questions in a way I very much didn't expect. So...I am trusting in the Lord. I am putting all my faith and effort into doing his will. And I KNOW that things will turn out absolutely wonderful!!
Here is a link to the announcement in case you wanted to watch it again. It still makes me cry, and is a great reminder of why I have decided to serve. (
Anyways....I love you all! Life is Great! One more wonderful week in Logan, and 66 days until I go to the MTC!! Craziness!!! :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Magical World of USU!!

This past week has been AWESOME!! Now that my weeks left in Logan are numbered (only two more), I am starting to get really sad! :( I love my Singles Ward, everyone is awesome! I love all of my roommates! They are the greatest- I love that we make and eat dinner together most nights, and that we totally went overboard with Christmas Decorations! It is awesome! Lights and tinsel everywhere! And mistletoe strategically placed... :).

I also love all the new friends that I've been making. There are the girls who live downstairs and the boys across the hall. They are all fantastic! I love our almost nightly movie parties. They have exposed me to so many more movies some I like (Lord of the Rings) others I'm not such a fan of (the Batman movies....yeah, not a fan). Not to mention Disney movies!! Even when Zack quotes Mulan in it's entirety. But it was still fun.

Oh, and there are the many numerous fire drills. None of which are ever planned. This week it was set off by midnight... But hey, at least it didn't flood this time!

So overall, college has been AMAZING!! At first I wasn't sure how much I liked it because I really missed my friends, and my Mom...yeah, I really missed her. But now I am so sad  to leave! It has been an amazing experience and I have really grown up in the past few months. But...all things must come to an end. However, the last few weeks are going to be a PARTY!! (Even with finals...which are a joke, but that's another story).

And at least I'm moving on to even greater adventures! And Utah State will still be here when I get back! :)